Birds Species


The purpose of the site is to educate the audience types of the birds are in the state of Colorado including body shape, size, color and other unique identification of a particular bird and their habitat.

The website is intended for students, teachers, researchers and other people who are interested in nature. The researchers across the nation I am sure will benefit too. I am hoping the website to be the starting point for my future vision. I would like to bring joy to the educators as well as families who will find this website useful.

Is the site useful to you?

I think I will enjoy using this website very often because I love nature and its species. This includes birds, plants and flowers. I like to go to the mountain and I always have enjoyed watching birds. So if I can use this website to research specific birds of my areas, I think I will benefit using this site. I will be able to identify myself along with the resources the researchers has provided.