Birds Species

The Birds in the State of Colorado Areas

The purpose of the site is to educate the audience types of the birds are in the state of Colorado including body shape, size, color and other unique identification of a particular bird and their habitat.

The website is intended for students, teachers, researchers and other people who are interested in nature.

I am designing the site that contains lots of information about the birds from different areas. I can quickly gather general information about certain bird including its habitats, colors and size. The researchers WhatBird The Ultimate Bird Guide have used different types of multimedia such as video and audio. The authors have used images effects to capture good colors of the birds.

I am hoping to design the website with the same feature so that it can be easy to identify the birds around Colorado State and other local areas. I will definitely take some times during summer and spend time in the mountains especially Rocky Mountain National Park and other places in Roosevelt National Park areas. I hope the site will attract the audience and may-be I will get some feedback on how to improve it.