Birds Species

The Birds Descriptions From Different States

I found this very fascinating bird known as "Peacock" from my video collections. The Peacock bird is a large and very colorful bird. It inhabits the desert regions of Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico-border Chihuahua and the Colorado River region of Baja California.

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Bird Sightings

Birds Names Description States
Avocet "Long-legged shorebird with long, thin, upcurved bill and distinctive black-and-white back and sides" California, Colorado and Florida
Bald Eagle "Large, hawk-like bird, dark brown body and white head, tail. Heavy bill, legs, feet, eyes are yellow" Alaska and Colorado
Black Headed Grosbeak "Large, stocky finch, black-streaked, orange-brown back, black head, wings, tail. Female lacks black head and throat, has brown streaked". Canada, Colorado, North Dakota and Nebraska
Blue Jay "Medium, noisy jay with bright blue upperparts, pale gray underparts, distinct head crest, and neck surrounded with a curious black necklace". Canada and Colorado
Junco "Medium sparrow with rufous back and pale gray rump and head, and pale gray underparts. Bright yellow eyes contrast with faint mask. The belly is white, tail is dark gray with white outer tail feathers". Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico
Crested Caracara “Large, ground-dwelling falcon, black body, finely barred tail, wing panels and upper breast. Head crest is black, facial skin is red, and large bill is blue-gray and hooked”. Colorado, Florida, Louisiana
Yellow Fronted Canary “Native to sub-Saharan Africa, this small finch has olive-gray upperparts and bright yellow underparts and rump, a gray crown and yellow eyebrow and cheek, a dark malar strip and gray legs and feet. It feeds on seeds and insects”. Colorado and Hawaii
Steller’s Jay “Large crested jay with a black head and a blue body. Head has slight white eyebrow, forehead, and chin spots. Wings and tail are blue with black bars”. Alaska, British Columbia and Colorado
Western Meadowlark “This short stocky, ground-dwelling bird has dark-streaked brown upperparts, bright yellow underparts and a broad black V on breast. It has a dark brown-and-white striped crown, sharply pointed bill and brown tail with white edges”. Arkansas, British Columbia, Colorado and Utah
Pine Grosbeak “Large, robust finch with red-washed black back, gray sides and undertail coverts, and pink-red rump and underparts. Head and face are pink-red; bill is heavy and black. Wings are black with two pale bars. Tail is black and slightly notched”. Alaska, California and Colorado